Quality Control

market research firm

Our systematic approach to research/ data compilation and analysis ensures that all project objectives are met. Prior to engagement on a project, each client will have the opportunity to discuss project initiatives with a project manager. Once the client’s goals are realized, we will create a project sample to verify that our researcher’s understand the specifications of the project. Upon final approval of the project sample, RAD will begin the project.

This extensive initial analysis of the client’s workload is what separates RAD services from other research firms. We aim to anticipate the needs of every client before any problems arise. Our strict quality control protocol has a multi-dimensional system where your work is verified by three managers-project manager, research manager and verification manager. This strict system of quality control allows us to produce projects with minimal changes.

The quality of our work shows because of our expert level of research, analytics and data which gives us the ability to find the most time efficient methods for the objectives of your project. Oftentimes, clients will speak with other research firms who quote them needing almost double the amount of work required for their project. RAD has the ability to perform certain projects at a much more rapid pace than other firms because of our ability to find efficient methods to produce the same research and data objectives.

Our experience and deep level of diverse fields has given our company the distinct honor of representing billion dollar companies in the field of finance, real estate, banking, media and technology. RAD’s high level of knowledge coupled with our diverse skill set allows us to complete lengthy multi-layered projects that require varying skills under one roof.