Excel Modeling

excel modeling

RAD provides basic and advanced level excel modeling for all your data needs. Our team of excel modelers have thorough knowledge of all excel modeling capabilities and formula’s that allow us to complete the most accurate work in the shortest time frame.

Depending on the client, we create excel models based on the research they have already contributed or use the research our research team has compiled and create an easy to read excel model. The format of the excel model is based on the research needs and specifications of the client. If needed, RAD is ready to recommend other vital data pieces which may greatly contribute to the overall objective of the client.


An online marketing firm needs an excel model of monthly search traffic across several search engines. The purpose of the model is to provide relevant data about the industry they are looking to target. RAD begins the project by researching all monthly searches of google, bing and yahoo and creating an excel model.

Unlike most research firms that would individually write out each line, RAD’s expert understanding of excel model formulas enables our team to upload data 10 at a time. This provides a huge advantage to the client as it allows them to finish work at a much faster rate and at a fraction of the price.

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