Data Collection

data collection

RAD provides basic and advanced level data gathering services to get you the data you need. Our team is well equipped to handle any type of data gathering to provide you relevant information. In today’s ever changing business environment, relevant data serves as the cornerstone of decision making and we are here to help find any data relating to your business, research or field of study. We have access to various databases such as Hoovers, webs analytics and online data allowing us to deliver the most relevant data in the shortest period of time.

Our advanced researchers have experience gathering data in varying fields ranging from business, law, academic, real estate and technology. Data can be used to track consumers, products, laws, and decisions. The purpose of this form of data collection is to better understand the field of interest and help clients recognize patterns based on the searched data.

Data collection provides clients with an increased awareness of their field. Whether the client is an author who needs more data for their book or journal, or a technology company who needs market data about the products and services they sell. Data analysis provides clients with the ability to make more informed decisions.