Competitive Analysis

competitive analysis

RAD provides leading research services for businesses that wish to conduct business competitive research or competitive analysis. We perform extensive research on your industry, whether they be product or service based. Competitive analysis requires a detailed comparison of product/service lines, gathering vital market data, and analyzing other useful data opportunities to fit client objectives. RAD will recommend other useful points of emphasis that clients may have not considered, opening new avenues to better understand their market space. This form of research is done by gathering relevant market data that helps uncovers competitor’s strategy and finds new ones.

Data is compiled based on any requirement a client may have and can be adjusted as our team discovers new vital business research. Our team is equipped to handle any form of competitive analysis relating to all industries including education, finance, law, manufacturing, hospitality, food, commerce, trade, technology and other fields. Data requirements can be as specific or broad as possible. If you have a question, RAD’s team of researchers are prepared to research the topic and find your answer.

Understanding one’s market place is the key to improving revenue and staying on top of new trends and discovering new opportunities. RAD utilizes a wide variety of research portals including hoovers, web analytics, and various databases that help us target the specific set of data required. In addition to our access of wide ranging databases and online portals, what separates RAD is the business acumen of our leaders and staff that help convert various data pools into real world business data. This data gives our clients the competitive advantage they need.


An online educational school has retained accreditation and wants to begin an advertising campaign to compete with other online schools. They require competitive research on the market including advertising methods of other online schools, the cost per each form of advertising, and want recommendations on other cost effective advertising mediums that have not been utilized by other online schools.

In addition to providing very specific research on advertising campaigns, RAD created revenue models and operating models for the client. Before beginning their extensive campaign, the online educator wanted us to research the overall business strategy and demographic audience of the top 10 competitors. The purpose of this research provides insight for the online school to develop their own unique strategy. The deliverable will be found in an excel file or word document or presentation as per the clients presentation. Client’s news understanding dramatically shifted their focus into newer markets.

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