Data Analytics

data analytics

RAD provides leading data analytics services to help you spot patterns and occurrences that affect your bottom line. Our team of data analytics experts have vast experience advising technology, manufacturing, legal, sales and trade companies better understand their marketplace to make more informed decisions. Our experience serving diverse clients in varying fields allows us to interpret and explain business data.

The purpose of analytics is to use research and data to describe and predict business performance. We offer various business analytics services including: predictive analytics, retail analytics, web analytics, risk analysis and performance analytics. Our approach to analytics is multidimensional in that we use mathematics, statistics and real world insight to provide recommendations.

RAD’s data analytics services collect data about products or services and help you understand why or why not something worked. For example, if a client is running a marketing campaign for their business, our researchers would determine how much they made before the campaign, the cost of the campaign and how much revenue the campaign delivered. Once the final numbers are produced, RAD would help spot patterns in the data, determining which aspect of the campaign best worked and will provide further insight for future projects.