Ad Hoc Research

ad hoc research

Our team of research experts has vast knowledge pertaining to almost all industries including manufacturing, technology, real estate, finance, law, trade and other industries. This vast experience and knowledge of varying fields, gives RAD the ability to conduct the most thorough ad hoc research in the most time effective manner.

Ad hoc research is any specific type of research that is simple and not extensive. The purpose of this form of research is to answer any question about a specific industry or subject. This type of research could be a shallow overview of an industry to an in depth insight into a particular subject. Findings are presented in word documents, memo or presentation depending on the client requirements. Unlike, business  competitive research that offers an in depth look at a particular subject, ad hoc research focuses on general research that provides a snapshot of an industry or subject.


A prospective business owner wants to open a frozen yogurt shop that serves high quality organic yogurt that is 20 percent more expensive than traditional yogurt shops. He is concerned that the location does not have the necessary clientele who is prepared to buy frozen yogurt at a more expensive price. Before opening the business he wants to perform detailed research about the subject area. The business owner wants the research to include findings related to average neighborhood income, office traffic from neighborhood, and how many health food stores/businesses there are in the neighborhood.

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