Academic and Scholarly Research

academic research

RAD’s comprehensive approach to academic research can produce research projects of great scope and magnitude. We are prepared to assist in standard data collection or take it a step further by finding the data and creating a report based on the findings. Whatever your requirements, RAD is here to assist and save you time by producing the best results in the shortest time frame.

Academic research is usually conducted for professors, students, researchers and faculty members of public institutions/universities for the purpose of teaching a class, assisting in lesson creation or finding interesting topics and subjects to engage students. Research findings can be used to apply theoretical models which assist in setting the foundation of a teacher’s course.

An example of a specific academic research requirement as posed by a university professor:

A marketing professor wants to create a lesson plan for a specific aspect of marketing. RAD research begins by researching the industry and following the requirements to create a spreadsheet, word document or other document that displays all relevant findings for the professor.

Our approach to research varies based on the requirements of the student or professor. The purpose of your academic research determines the route that we take to finding the necessary research which assists in proving your view point. RAD can assist in finding relevant data that assists in proving a certain angle or point of view. This type of research proves invaluable for academics conducting research for a book, video or other publication.

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